T. Hursts & Associates began life 22 years ago. Since that time we have experienced continuous slow growth through careful client selection and the very best in personal service to those clients.

When Twila and I were married we combined our media experience to expand services to our clients and needed a name for our expanded company. Since my name is Tim Hurst and her name is Twila Hurst… that makes two T. Hursts. Thus the company name T. Hursts… cute but confusing. By the time we realized our company was going to be a success and the name was confusing… it was too late to change… we were T. Hursts & Associates… for better or worse.

Over the next few years folks with whom we worked in other venues learned we were performing freelance work and asked us to assist with this or that project and one thing led to another. We added Ford’s Furniture in 1991 and that was really the beginning of T. Hursts & Associates as an advertising agency.

Since 1991 we have grown slowly by design. We have always focused on making sure every client receives the absolute best service possible. Our client list has grown to the point that we now have five designers and a few more and slightly more sophisticated computers than those original two Macintosh Classics from 1991.

THA is a Christian-principles based company. We follow the golden rule of treating others the way we hope to be treated and are always honest with our clients. It is our philosophy that following Christ’s principals of dealing with others and by putting our client’s needs ahead of our own is the best way to serve our clients and to be ultimately successful.

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